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Hello fabulous ladies!

Last night, we decided to have Ethiopian for the first time and we had such a wonderful experience. My mom had been raving about this place, Ghenet, for a couple of months now, so we finally gave it a try. What I loved, other than the food, was that it was so cultural. I mean, I love eating different ethnic foods, but I don't like when they try to cater too much to the American way of doing things, because then I feel that the culture somehow gets a bit lost. This was not that type of place, in fact, many of the ethnic restaurants in Brooklyn, especially the Park Slope section, are very cultural and traditional. When we first received the menus, it had a brief summary about the well known Ethiopian grain, Injera, the oldest grain in the world! In the Ethiopian culture, you eat with this sponge like pancake of a grain, by scooping up your food with your hands (the traditional way of eating is without utensils) and use it to wipe your hands and mouth at the same time. Eddie and I ordered our entrées, which were placed on one large plate for us to share. In Ethiopia, eating from the same plate with your hands, is a demonstration of loyalty and friendship. It is also common for those who are sharing from the same plate to feed each other as well, which Eddie and I did! If you have the opportunity to dine at an Ethiopian restaurant, I highly recommend you do. It's quite and experience and the food is delicious. If I were to explain the cuisine, I'd have to say it's probably closer to Indian, since they cook with a lot of spices and meat. 

APPETIZER: Sambusa (pastry dough stuffed with spicy minced meat)

APPETIZER: Kategna (toasted Injera coated with berbere served with mild cheese)

OUR SHARED ENTRÉES: Doro Wett (seasoned chicken served with a flavorful sauce) & Doro Aletcha (mildly seasoned chicken served in highly sautéed onion sauce)

For dessert, we headed to our favorite spot, The Chocolate Room! A must for any true chocolate lover!

EDDIE'S DESSERT: The chocolate crape special cake

MY DESSERT: An almond chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream

As for my outfit, I chose to pair these coral crochet shorts with a volumized studded top because I felt it was very night appropriate and made for a good combination. The last time I wore these shorts on the blog, I was in Aruba and I had an overall coral/water life color scheme going on. Since we are at the end of August, I do enjoy pairing summer brights with darker colors. As you can see, I had interest going on both up top and on my lower half, with the shorts. Notice the sleeves have a flowy butterfly effect, which I mentioned in my plus sized series video on minimizing your upper body (CLICK HERE TO WATCH), helps make larger arms appear slimmer! 


TOP: Michael Kors (Marshall's)

SHORTS: Marshall's

SHOES: Nine West (Marshall's)

BRACELETS: Mixtures from BeBe, Juicy Couture, and a local boutique

WATCH: Michael Kors


I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend thus far and stay tuned for my next post on Monday! 


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