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Hello Lovelies!

Are you as sad as I am that it's already Sunday? I get so happy when the week goes by so fast and the weekend finally comes around, but hate when the weekend goes by so quickly, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

For date night, Eddie and I went to a French restaurant, which we've never been to. We usually go to the same one, which we love so much and I've blogged about quite a few times here, but decided to try a different spin and take on the cuisine. To be quite honest, I wasn't all that impressed. The seafood paella was a bit too salty and my scallops were a little under cooked, but not to the point that they were inedible. I didn't send them back because you have to be very careful with that. Some places, when you send them back, they can then overcook them, which is even worse because then they're extremely rubbery. As for dessert, Eddie hasn't been feeling too well lately, it seems like everyone is coming down with a cold, so we didn't have coffee at the restaurant, but rather at Starbucks, where he had his favorite tea of the moment, The Black Seasonal Tea, and I had a coffee, while we split a blueberry donut. 


EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: French style chicken scarpariello

MY ENTRÉE: Sea scallops


When it comes to my outfit, since it's December, I'm of course feeling festive as it's getting near to Christmas, so I felt it was a good time to break out these cool leggings I purchased at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago. I decided to pair it with a red blazer to pull out the red color in the leggings and make the overall look more festive. This look would be wearable for all of you, regardless of your body shape. The reason is because we have enough interest going on throughout the entire look, the pop of red with the blazer and of course the statement leggings. If you have a pair of funky leggings, try dressing them up by pairing them with a nice blazer within the same color scheme, to create a well polished and put together look. 



BLAZER: New York & Company

LEGGINGS: Nordstrom Rack

SHOES: Steve Madden P-EZZI Shoes (Marshall's)

CLUTCH: Steve Madden (Marshall's)


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