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Hey Guys!

I hope you all have an amazing Memorial Day today with your friends and family, honoring and remembering those who have fought for the freedom we have in this country to do so many things that are unfortunately not provided to others in many other countries, as well as the ones who are currently serving us in the military, navy, police, and fire departments, including their families. They deserve to have an entire day to be thanked and honored for the sacrifice they continually make, it's not easy.

I wanted to share with all of you the outfit I wore on Saturday night, as well as the food we ate at a restaurant in the Hilton. We've been finding so many great deals on Groupon, so if you dine out for date night as well, I definitely suggest you sign up to score some major deals by where you live, here!

This dress, I believe, was a major score for me at Marshall's the other day. I only paid $40 and I think it looks much more than that, ranging anywhere between $80-$120 and is extremely cozy, too! I decided to do something different with my hair, which I've never done before, and that was to slick back into a mullet like do. I felt it went well with the edgy necklace I wore, as well as the dress. 

This style of dress is especially perfect for the apple and rectangular shapes. The reason is because it has a natural cinched waist and an asymmetric closing, which helps conceal a larger midsection for the apple shape and re-emphasize the waistline, which is important for the rectangular shape, as well. 


As for dinner, everything was exceptional! As you can see, we had another Nutella dessert pizza for dessert, which we tried a few weeks ago at an Italian restaurant, but this one blew the other out of the water! The dough was much more softer and felt like an actual pizza when you held it, as opposed to the other which was a bit more well done and crunchy. 


APPETIZER: Crab meat fritters


MY ENTRÉE: Salmon over a bed of a modern style lobster stuffed ravioli 

EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: Chicken breasts with sautéed fingerling potatoes

DESSERT: Nutella, marshmallow, and strawberry pizza topped with brown sugar and chocolate syrup



DRESS: Hazel (Marshall's)



WATCH: Michael Kors

SHOES: Fergie (Macy's)


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