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Hello Beauties!

I hope all my U.S. readers enjoyed yesterday's holiday, Labor Day, by not working too much or not at all! I can't believe the summer is fading away, but I must admit, I am a bit ready for fall, what about you guys?!

I purchased this top on sale at BeBe, I want to say last year around this time. I love BeBe, but I do feel that they are a bit over priced with some things, which is why when I walk in I go straight to the sale section. I suggest, regardless of the store, that you look at the sale sections in your favorite stores, because a lot of them are having Labor Day sales, even online, and you can save so much on already marked down items, which is what I did last year with this top. It was originally over $40 plus tax and I ended up spending somewhere in the teens, after savings! This is the perfect time to get some pieces you've been eyeing for next summer. What I loved about this top was that it reminded me of cotton candy. I'm not generally a fan of tie-dye, it depends on the color combination and item, but I had to get this one! If you like tie-die, here's some tips on what types of pieces you should look for and how you should wear it, depending on your body shape:

PEAR: As you know, I'm a pear shape. You'll notice how these shorts have some distressed detailing around the upper thigh area. When working with jeans or shorts, in this case, you want to make sure that you have some interest going on in the upper portion of your body, as I do with this vibrant off-the-shoulder top. The eye will first focus on the color pattern, as well as the draped shoulder area, which will balance out the distressed detailing on the shorts, which would otherwise cause the attention to be placed primarily on my hips!

APPLE: I suggest you work with leggings that have a tie-dye pattern, as it will cause all of the attention to be placed on your lower body, as opposed to your upper. If you happen to have a top similar to what I have, you can still wear it, but I'd suggest you pair it with jeans or shorts that tie in to the color scheme within the top, in this case, white. Also, you would want to work with a colored shoe or heel, as I have done myself with these pink GUESS shoes, to again, cause the eye to focus downward!

RECTANGULAR: You can choose where you want to wear the tie-dyed piece since you don't necessarily have to concentrate on over exaggerating one section of your body. What I'd suggest is that you wear a nice chunky necklace, a statement piece, as well as a belt, to develop a focus on your upper region, as well as your midsection (with the belt), to add some volume and dimension.

HOURGLASS: You are in the same boat as the rectangular, mainly because you both have well balanced out busts and hips. So, work with pops of color throughout the entire look to maintain balance.




WHITE TANK: Forever 21

SHORTS: Lucky Brand


BRACELETS: BCBG LOVE, Pink Caché, and white is from Aruba



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