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COAT: Jessica Simpson (Overstock) // DRESS: Marshalls // TURTLE NECK: Marshalls // LEGGINGS: Marshalls // WAIST BELT: Steve Madden (Marshalls) // PURSE: Kate Spade (Marshalls) // BOOTS: Nine West // EARRINGS: Boutique 

Hey Girlies, 

Today's look has a very celtic and punk rocker chic vibe. I never really thought about it until now, but I wonder if celtic tradition is what inspired the tartan print we so commonly see worn in the punk rock genre, huh. I know for a fact that my mom will love this pairing, once she stops by today because she never ceases to remind me of my Irish roots, lol! It's probably an everyday discussion somehow. I'm a mutt, by the true definition and one of those mixtures that forms the lovely concoction of me, is Irish. I thought I'd through that out there for those of you who wonder a little bit more about me, yeah, I keep you guessing, since I don't really mention much of my personal life, but I have and will when it fits :) 

What I love about tartan is that it can be worn with various pieces to either enhance or subdue it. In this case, I enhanced it by working with colors that wore found in the color palette of the print. I feel that the coat also brings out that punk or celtic vibe I was going for, since the buttons are a bit obnoxious, plus it's a military style coat. Depending on your body shape, you may want to consider where you're placing the tartan because it's print, which means it will draw the eye straight to wherever it's placed. Many of you know that I'm a pear shape and I still wore a complete tartan piece in dress form. What balanced out the look was mainly the coat, since it has a wide collar, which broadens my chest area. I also have a plaid skirt that you've seen me wear also and I wear it with pieces on top that help add volume and dimension to balance out the attention that's place on my wider hips. Below are general suggestions I would make on recreating this look for your body shape. Of course there are always exceptions when styling, which is why I encourage you to continue to follow along both my blog and YouTube channel, so you could see alternatives whenever shown ;)


I hope you all found this post inspirational and recreate it on yourselves! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

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