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SCARF: Marshalls (similar HERE) // DOLMAN TUNIC: Marshalls (similar HERE) // LEGGINGS: Nordstrom Rack (similar HERE) // SNOW BOOTS: Macy's (similar HEREWATCH: Michael Kors (similar HERETURQUOISE RING: Gifted (similar HERE



Hey there!

It seems as though we just can't get a break from the snow, here in New York and in many parts of the Northeast! It has been snowing practically every other day and at first I did enjoy it, but now it's just getting tiring with having to get around and there being so many piles of snow taking up parking spots and having to climb in order to cross the streets! It's crazy! Have you guys heard of the man in Boston who has been selling snow from his backyard and shipping it all over the United States? When I first heard of this I was hysterical laughing because it's crazy to think that someone would charge for something that is completely free that comes from nature, kind of like selling rain water. Then, Eddie brought up that there are many in the U.S. who have gone their whole lives without seeing, let alone touching, snow and it may seem crazy to us who experience it each year, but to them, it's all an experience and so, they don't mind paying for it, which I can now understand. What do you think about it?

Anyway, it was coming down pretty hard the other day, thankfully it started to intensify right after we took these photos! On days like that, I'm not into getting all glammed up because it just doesn't make sense and just done right impractical. Plus, you can also ruin some of your great quality leather shoes because of the salt, so be mindful with the shoes you choose to wear! Now, this doesn't mean that I don't want to still look cute and put-together! I created a super casual, yet cute look that made me feel good, while feeling comfortable navigating through the snow. 

You've heard me mention how much I love these Coach snow boots many times; I really do love them! I'm always receiving compliments on them because they look like snow boots, yet fashionable; perfect for all of us fashionistas! Plus, they're super comfortable and of great quality. I tried searching online for them, in case any of you were interested in purchasing them, but they seem to be sold out everywhere! I suggest you try looking on eBay, if you really want them. Coach never ceases to please me with their shoes; I have quite a few pairs. They're always great in quality and comfortable, so even if you don't come across these same exact pairs, I would suggest any of them and a great place to look is Macy's ;) I also have my eyes set on Sperry's duck boots! If any of you have a pair, let me know your thoughts on them and if they're worth getting!


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