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Hey Beauties!


If you've ever watched any of my videos on styling your body frame/height, then you probably remember me mentioning how monochrome looks help elongate the body, visually. Monochrome is simply using the same color or color scheme throughout an entire look and it can be accomplished using any color of your choice, but of course you want to make sure it's a color that flatters your skin-tone, since you'll be wearing plenty of it!


I'm 5'8 and personally don't mind creating a longer frame on myself, however, I do understand that there are women who are perhaps taller and may not favor the look on themselves. This is a styling technique that plays on confidence and comfort, so it may vary from person to person, and that's okay! For those of you who like wearing monochrome looks or have an interest in wearing a monochrome look one day, maybe my outfit can give you an idea (I hope!).


When it comes to creating a look using this technique, you can choose to include the shoes in your color scheme or break it up slightly by wearing a neutral shoe, the choice is yours. In this outfit, I decided to wear a nude shoe, which does help to further enhance the lengthening effect, even more so since the shoe is a pointed-toe, visually extending my feet. Remember from my latest video, though, not all nudes are the same and for everyone! If you missed the video, no worries, you can watch it here :)


If you decide to create an outfit that has colors within the same color scheme using some lighter and darker shades, you may want to consider where you place the light and dark colors, based on your body shape. Lighter shades will always reflect light more than darker shades, so it would be ideal to wear the lighter color on an area you want to highlight and the darker in an area you want to conceal or slim. 


For instance, I'm a pear shape (as many of you know), so I selected a darker shade of blue on the bottom for my pants and a lighter shade of blue for my top. So overall, my body will appear longer, leaner, and more balanced out. A look we all can achieve, regardless of shape or size! One thing I do want to mention, however, is if you're a rectangular shape, I'd suggest wearing a belt, as I did, to visually break up your upper and lower portions, since your natural shape already appears fairly congruent. All other shapes can certainly add a belt as well, it comes down to personal preference in styling, in this case. 

What do you think of the look? I hope you all like it and feel inspired after reading and viewing this post!  Feel free to share your thoughts below! 



TOP: Cynthia Rowley (Marshall's)

BELT: GUCCI's Guccisma leather belt (HERE)

PANTS: Express (similar HERE)



WATCH: Michael Kors (similar HERE)

BRACELET: Little Switzerland in Aruba

PURSE: Kate Spade (Marshall's) Berkshire Road Stevie purse in the color poppy (HERE)



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