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What a beautiful day it is!

Hello my beautiful fashionistas! This outfit is one of the definitions for spring fashion, in my book. Why? These are the earthy and soulful colors that we typically see combined during this season. I love combining olive greens, blush toned pinks, and browns together. I do want to say this, if you have olive undertones, like me, I do not suggest wearing olive green tops that don't have other color combinations to balance out the green, it'll bring out those undertones in your face, since it's closer to that area, which you of course don't want! I will be doing a post, most likely a video on wearing the right colors for your skin tone. Wearing the wrong colors can make you appear washed out or bring out undertones that will not flatter you overall. So definitely keep an eye out for that! As for the bag and shoes, I purchased them separately and years a part and they work so well together, almost as if they were made in the same collection! That being said, when shopping, always go for pieces that you know you're going to get a lot of use out of during the seasons, especially neutrals. They're easy to pair with each other and can often look very similar in completing your ensemble for both the spring and fall months!

PS: Please excuse the glare that is shown across my waist. We couldn't escape it!

Have a wonderful day and I hope this post gave you some pairing and outfit ideas for spring! 





Top: Ann Taylor Loft

Pants: H&M (this season)

Shoes: Nine West

Purse: Marciano (Guess)




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