Hi Ladies!

This week's episode was very fun to film, for many reasons. One of which was that we had a change up of scenery. I decided to take you all outdoors with me to make things a bit more fun and interesting. Next, I've never done a video where I've explained an outfit without implementing voice over. I wanted to make things a bit more intimate and direct, especially since my channel is growing, which I have no words to explain how I'm feeling about that! I'm beyond grateful and humbled by your support and interest in my material. 

For this look, I wore a silk-like button up with studded detailing on both the collar and sleeves and added a faux fur vest, for some interest to the upper portion of the body, which is ideal for both the pear and rectangular body shapes. For the bottom portion, we kept things interesting by wearing a pattern jean, which was also in a fun blue color., which is great for the apple shape. As mentioned, if you don't have patterned jeans, but have colored denim, this would work just as well! Remember, if you are an hourglass your main goal is to always maintain balance and this look does that, since we have interest going on up top, as well as on the bottom! 

Let me know if you enjoyed this style of video. I loved recording it because I felt it was more conversational and direct, as if I was actually talking to each of you!

Thanks so much for watching and check back here tomorrow, I'll have pics of the outfit, so you can get a closer look as well as details of where everything was from! 


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