Happy Tuesday, my dear friends!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your kind and supportive words in yesterday's post; it truly meant a lot to both Eddie and I and touched us so deeply. It's always good to know that when you experience difficult times and challenges that others are there for you, ready to show love and compassion, but when it's expressed from those whom you've never personally met before, it just touches you even more. Though I've never met most of you in person, I do feel a connection and a sense of friendship and I'm so thankful for that. Again, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

For years, I hated crossbody bags, I really just didn't like the look of them. Fast forward years later and I love them! They've become life savors and are such a great option in so many different scenarios I've often found myself. For years, I would only wear huge oversized totes and satchels. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love those styles and much of my bag collection is comprised of them. However, for certain situations, they're just down right impractical and I've learnt that the hard and uncomfortable way. 

I would often lug around a huge stuffed to the brim purse for a day in the city, which almost always included plenty of walking and to wear a huge bag around my shoulders in a situation like that was really, really uncomfortable

Also, attending casual social events and having a huge bag hanging on my shoulders was also quite annoying, so I had to explore other options, the crossbody. It's a much more practical alternative for a busy day planned or for days when you're not at the office or don't have to pack a lot of things with you. That said, this can be a great option for you moms out there! I understand that some of you may double your purses as diaper bags, making this style impractical in that situation. However, if your child is a bit older, this would totally work! It allows you to throw what you truly need for the day and not have it get in your way when trying to keep up with your little one(s)! 

Crossbodies are also great ways to experiment with more adventurous details, such as bold colors, prints, and textures. When talking with those who typically shy away from those mentioned or feel intimidated by them, I'll often suggest a crossbody bag. They're often less expensive than a larger bag, making them a great way to experiment and not feel guilty about not wearing it every single day. They can truly add the perfect touch of detail or interest to your look, pulling your outfit together.

It's also a style that's figure flattering! How you ask? Since this style often comes along with a thin and long strap, it causes the eye to move vertically instead of horizontally. With satchels or totes worn around the shoulder, a larger upper body can appear larger or a fuller lower body can appear larger as well. This is not to say that you cannot wear those bags if you're in either category; I'm a pear shape and I often wear a satchel around my arm, I'm just explaining the difference between the styles for you to get an idea of the effects they can have. 

Not only is it figure flattering, it can also make you appear taller or visually lengthen your torso! Again, since the straps are long, the eye is adding visual length following the strap, thus causing your upper body to appear longer, making this a great option to explore if you wish to add some visual inches to your torso! 

Browse through some of the crossbody bags I'm loving at the moment and let me know YOUR thoughts, do you love or loathe the crossbody? 





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