Hey Babes, 

I've been really taking advantage of these dog days of summer by going to the beach; I love being by the ocean and feeling the sand in between my toes! I also love wearing different bathing suits and watching what others are wearing for some inspiration. With watching, I've come to discover that many girls are either shying away from colors all together, which would look phenomenal on them or wearing shades that don't necessarily flatter their beautiful complexions best. Now of course I can't grab each girl and share my thoughts, but I could certainly do that here! Above are some ideas of what I'd suggest and know would look great on you while you lounge at the beach or pool, I hope you like!

PS: For bathing suit styles that would look best on your body shape, watch my video on selecting the best bathing suits for your body shape here

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day! 


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