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COAT: Calvin Klein (Nordstrom Rack)// ROMPER: Marshalls// LEGGINGS: Marshalls// BOOTS: Nine Wes// SCARF: Jones New York (TjMaxx)


Hey Girlies,

Today it began to snow for the first time in New York and I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I mean, last year was pretty traumatizing for all of us in the Northeast because of the several intense snow storms we experienced. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful to look at and it sure does help us all get into the holiday spirit, but it does get annoying when it comes to shoveling and trying to maneuver around the streets that have yet to be plowed, ugh, I'll just embrace it for now. 

Even though it was snowing (it didn't actual begin to stick until after we took these photos), I wanted to wear this black and white striped romper that I purchased over the summer. I've been planning on wearing it with black leggings and booties for a while, actually since I purchased it when it was somewhere around 80 degrees... because in fashion, our minds are always ahead of the season! I had purchased this red coat in the early weeks of fall and thought it would look great with the romper, adding some color and festiveness and I love the way it came together and I hope you all do, too! 

Now, when it comes to horizontal stripes, as seen in the romper, it can be a bit tricky, when we're dealing with placement and our body shapes. Generally speaking, you'd want to place these sort of stripes in areas where you'd want to add some visual width, but since this romper features the pattern throughout the entire piece, the placement of other pieces and accessories can truly make all the difference. The fact that I'm wearing a scarf looped around my neck in a way that drapes loosely in the front adds some visual length because it causes the eye to look downwards, where the scarf ends and where the tassels are. This, in fact, is a great way to wear a scarf if you're petite because it will visually elongate your upper body. I know, it seems very simple, but sometimes it's those simple things that really make all the difference in an outfit and for our figures!

Speaking of elongating, another lengthening effect we've created here is the black legging and black bootie combination. Since the two colors are the same, it creates the illusion of a longer leg. This is also why I'd suggest booties over every other style of boot to those who are petite or who have shorter legs. The more of your leg that's exposed, the longer they'll appear. Since we used two methods of elongation, the width created by the romper is visually balanced out...mission accomplished ;)

I hope you all enjoyed this post and felt inspired to recreate it on yourselves! Check back tomorrow for a video featuring holiday outfit ideas! 


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