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Hello gorgeous ladies!

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook that our date night would be at a restaurant by the water. Now I'm going to be entirely honest with you, at first, I only wanted to go to this restaurant, because it was right on the water. We've been to there about three or four times, twice with friends and I didn't always have the best experience, but loved the scenery. Last summer, Eddie kept begging me to go to and I kept refusing because I didn't like the service and the food wasn't, I felt, all that great. However, for some odd reason, when we left Aruba, I wanted to go there badly! I guess it's because I missed being in and around the water, that I needed some sort of comfort. With all that said, we had a wonderful experience last night! We had a meal totally comprised of seafood, which was absolutely delicious! Our waiter was great and he actually impressed me. His service was wonderful, until after we finished dinner and we were waiting for our dessert. He became very busy and forgot that I had asked for a side of milk for my coffee. After a few minutes had gone by, he took one glimpse at me from across the way and ran into the kitchen and got me a fresh cup of coffee and the side of milk! That was very impressive because I've never seen a waiter respond that way before and for this restaurant, that was huge! Nonetheless, the experience was wonderful and quite romantic. I felt that we had the best seat in the house! We sat outside, right near the deck, watching all the geese looking up at us, begging for food. I wanted to feed them so badly, but my husband convinced me that if they started to fight over the bread, it wouldn't be a pretty sight with all the water splashing and them quacking at each other, lol, so I didn't. Could you imagine?!

As for my outfit, I chose to wear this fun and flirty dress by Guess, which I picked up at Marshall's a few months ago. It also came in navy blue with lime green stripes and a black with cream colored stripes. They didn't have the navy in my size and the black looked a little "witchy" where the netting is on the top, it wasn't the same material as the one I'm wearing, it was that of a halloween witch costume, so I passed on it. If you have a Marshall's near you, I'd suggest paying them a visit, if you like this dress because I've been to several others and they all had it, which is weird, since I've never experienced going into so many different Marshall's stores and seeing the same item, more than once! Anyway, I thought that it was a perfect dress for a night out by the water, especially since it's a beautiful coral, salmon like color (the camera is picking it up as pink, but it's not). I chose to pair the dress with these Guess wedges, which I also purchased from Marshall's, around the same time I purchased the dress, because I felt that it brought out the brown colored stripe in the dress and the gold studs brought out the goldish/yellow stripes, too. I didn't choose to wear a necklace because I thought it would be too much, considering the meshed area and the sweetheart neckline; I wanted the focal point to be the neckline, not a piece of jewelry. One of my fashion pet peeves, is when women over accessorize! Oh my goodness, I hate that look, especially when it's done paired with a very feminine dress or outfit. I think it just over powers the look and takes away from the outfit itself, but that's my personal opinion, of course!

APPETIZER: CRAB CAKE spicy remoulade & pickled fennel

APPETIZER: Calamari Fiitti with marinara and lemon 

EDDIE'S ENTRÉE: Lobster and shrimp fra diavlo over black linguine

MY ENTRÉE: Seafood pescatore shrimp, sweat bay scallops, calamari, little neck clams, & PEI mussels in a marinara sauce over black linguine 

DESSERT: Apricot Tart


DRESS: Guess (Marshall's)

WEDGES: Guess Ragine wedge (Marshall's)

CLUTCH: Local boutique

BRACELET: Little Switzerland (ARUBA)

EARRINGS: Brooklyn boutique in Park Slope


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