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Hello lovely ladies and gents!

Last night, Eddie and I went to a Thai restaurant. I never had Thai food before and I was surprised to learn that my husband had! He has truly evolved in to this adventurous food eater! 

The food was absolutely delicious, however, I'm not a big fan of fried foods and almost everything on the menu was fried! Thankfully I went to the gym five days this week and have been eating extremely well, so one meal consisting of nothing but fried food, won't do much harm. The ambiance was very traditional and the lotus flower was the main theme in their decor, which of course makes sense, hence the name. 

If you watched my body shape series or jeans for your body shape video, you would remember that I mentioned how bell-bottom jeans compliment pear shaped women best! I also mentioned that during the spring and fall months is when I like to start wearing mine, since the material is a bit heavier than my regular jean, which can make me a bit hot during the warmer months. Bell-bottoms balance out my wider hips, by adding some volume to the lower portion of my body. I felt that the blazer worked well with this particular wash jean, since it has some white stitching and a bit of a white rinse, which I feel is brought out more when paired with white. I chose to wear a red clutch with studded detail for a pop of color and some interest. I love white and red combinations, they compliment each other rather nicely. 

If you are a pear shaped woman like me, I definitely suggest wearing bell-bottom jeans, on occasion, to help balance out your figure. However, if you're petite, you can either wear larger platform shoes or just opt for a jean that is not as wide. Bell-bottoms can also shrink a rather petite woman, making her appear that much more wider, since everything looks so compacted. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and don't forget to enter the subscriber appreciation giveaway, which ends on Monday 10:00 EST. This giveaway is open to subscribers of my YouTube channel only and if you are a subscriber and have not yet entered, the rules and info can be found in the description area of the video!

Shrimp chips (I asked the waitress if these were actually shrimp and I didn't understand a word she said!!!!)

Combination Sampler

Seafood Lover

Fried Bananas and vanilla ice cream


Blazer from Marshall's

7 for All Mankind bell-bottom jeans

Basket booties by Dollhouse

Steve Madden spiked clutch

Michael Kors silver watch




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