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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today, I'm sharing my top 4 ways that I've personally learned, through my own trial and error, key lifestyle and health practices that have helped me minimize my thigh and butt cellulite...

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Posted by Jalisa on Jan 25, 2016 under


Happy Monday, beauties

...It can be quite challenging to look cute on days like this, but it's possible with some cute and stylish accessories, like these leg warmers, for example. I've had these Coach snow boots for about 4 years now and the quality is amazing! I love...

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Posted by Jalisa on Jan 22, 2016 under

Hey beautiful friends!

...As for this outfit, I think it's a perfect weekend look. Overall, it has a bit of a calming feel, due to the trendy baby blue mixture with grey and blush pink, synonymous to the weekend; at least that's how weekends should be, right?!

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