Posted by Jalisa on Dec 18, 2012

Hello my gorgeous ladies!

Today, I will be making some suggestions on panty hose. I have been asked the question, more than once, "how can you match your panty hose to your skin?" First, there are a number of things to consider when buying a pair of panty hose, especially since there are so many out there. So, let's start off with matching the skin tone and then we'll discuss other factors to consider. 

When I'm purchasing a pair of panty hose, I first look at my arms. The reason I don't base the color of the hose from the color of my face, is because your face tends to be a different color than the rest of your body, especially if you use sunblock, which I urge you to use if you don't already! However, if you don't use sunblock, your face will be darker than the rest of your body, because it's being exposed to the sun more than the rest, so in this case, you would base the hose off of your face. It's sort of like finding foundation for your skin, you don't go based upon the actual color of your face, if that were true, many of us would be walking around looking half dead! Same rules apply with finding the right color panty hose. The good thing is that many retailers or brands have clear packaging, so you could be able to compare the color to your skin. Some may say, well, can't you just buy "nude"? "Nude" doesn't necessarily mean that it's your skin color, it actually has color to the hose and in my case, is much lighter. It might be a task of trial and error for some of you, as it is often the case, even with finding the right foundation. So, if you don't use sunblock, base the color of the hose off your face color. If you do use sunblock, base the color off your arms, if you use foundation on your face to match the rest of your body. 

Another thing to consider, is the quality of the hose. You don't want to spend money and the quality is poor. Keep in mind that price doesn't always determine the quality of something, although it often does. I for one, have had a good experience with the CVS brands, in comparison to some of the designer hose! A good pair should not run or tear easily. Keeping in mind the obvious of being cautious when putting them on, especially if you have long nails and rings on! You should also always stretch them out before putting them on, so that you don't have to pull them up much to fit and possibly tear them! I usually pull them behind my head, holding both legs of the hose in one hand and the hip area in the other, kind of like you would pull a resistance band at the gym (a little work out for those of you who don't have time lol). 

When shopping for a pair of hose, I always get a pair that have anti-cellulite. Now since we're girls, let's be honest here. Many of us have this battle with cellulite on the legs or thigh area. Whether you have a lot or a little, it can cause you to be a bit self-conscious when wearing a skirt or shorts. Purchasing a pair of hose that minimizes cellulite can make a huge difference. I mean common', why do you think Spanx have done so well?! So, if you're a bit more of a curvy woman and want to hold yourself in, I would suggest purchasing a pair of sturdy hose! 

I also want to encourage you all to experiment with different hose. There are so many fun ones to experiment with. So, if after reading the above part of this post you're still unable to find the right hose to blend well with your skin color, wearing ones that are different colors, such as black with designs are a great alternative. I've featured a few pairs I own from DKNY in previous posts, as well as in my YouTube videos. Here are some of my suggestions:



Betsey Johnson Solid Tights in Hot Pink on sale for $11.98 

I love these tights because they're fun! Not everyone has the confidence to put on a pair of hot pink tights, but you do! You're beautiful and I challenge you this season to purchase a pair of fun tights and wear them as you know how! 

How I would wear them: I would wear these with a black sheath dress that has some character to it. One that has a few angles around the neckline. I would also pair these with a nice peplum top, like the one I showed you guys in my recent haul with a black leather skirt and black booties!



Forever 21 Heart Pattern Tights for $8.80 

I love tights that have prints on them because they instantly add character to your outfit. These by Forever 21 are absolutely adorable and I love that the hearts are white. 

How I would wear them: I would wear these with a flared skirt or shorts. These would look cute with a chunky sweater, denim shorts, and rocker boots!



Express Lace Body Shaping Full Tights for $29.90

I absolutely adore the print of these tights. I love how the flowers intertwine with one another, it gives a very romantic feel.

How I would wear them: I would pair these with a nice pencil skirt and blouse for a more conservative outfit for the office. I even think this would look nice with a black pin striped suit and a crisp white button up, and of course black pumps!


I hoped you enjoyed this weeks Wednesday's Working Women post! If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, leave a comment below, tweet me, or comment on my Facebook page!




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