Posted by Jalisa on Feb 12, 2014

Hello Ladies!

Since Valentine's Day is this Friday and I know that many of you will of course be working, and some of you long hours, I wanted to create a look that you could easily wear from the office to a dinner date, either with that special someone or for a girls night out. Finding a pink dress this week should be rather easy, I was able to find one yesterday at Marshall's within 10 minutes of walking around the store! Plus, I've been seeing a ton online as well. Pink works great with white and beige and can give a more daytime vibe because of the softer color palette, which would be suitable for the office. I'd suggest carrying a red or pink lipstick in your purse, so when work is finished, you could  add the pop of color for a more dramatic nighttime look. If you happen to have a purse that's completely beige or the LV speedy in the damier azur print, it would work just as well as the Michael Kors purse shown in this look.



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