Posted by Jalisa on Nov 19, 2013

Hello Ladies!

For today's post, I decided to put together three pairings that will give you some ideas on what to wear to your Thanksgiving celebration. I created different looks to suit all of YOUR personal styles. When it comes to Thanksgiving, of all holidays, some like to feel extremely comfy, so when that tryptophan from the turkey sets in, they're all set for nap time! There are those that like to dress up semi-casual to feel comfy, yet look festive. Then there are those who like to look glam for all the holiday family & friend get togethers/parties. You can mix and match color and pattern combinations, based on the ideas here, to create the ideal look for you! 

I also wanted to point out that each look has a shape that it would look ideal on, although each can be styled to suit all of the body shapes. The first look would look amazing on either the hourglass or rectangular shapes since it has pops of color on both the top and bottom and works well with shapes that are proportioned, like these two shapes. The second, "glam", look would be ideal for a pear shape, since the skirt is an a-line, which doesn't cling to the hips and the emphasis is being placed on top with the fabulous and chic leopard print. The third look would look great on all you apple shapes, since the attention is being placed on those fabulous printed leggings and not so much on your upper body. 

As mentioned, these are only suggestions to give you ideas on what you can work with, in terms of color and pattern combinations. Mix and match to suit your personal style and body shape! 




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