Hello gorgeous ladies! 

One of the biggest trends for spring are stripes. But I want you to know that not all stripes are created equal. For pear shaped women, the direction of the stripes are very important, especially for dresses and skirts. The ideal direction would be vertical as opposed to horizontal, since horizontal stripes will only widen the hips and butt area, where as the vertical will slim that area visually. As mentioned in my pear shaped video, it's best to leave your bottom area plain and experiment more with vibrant and fun tops, but I too enjoy wearing fun funky pants sometimes, so these rules are important to keep in mind while shopping and wearing them, to prevent adding pounds visually to our widest part of the body. However, if you look at the woman in the dress in the middle, the center of the dress has a curved hour glass frame, in that case, it would be okay to wear a horizontally striped dress, since you have a border that's creating an illusion of an hourglass or equally proportioned frame. As for the tops, it's best to have the stripes facing horizontally because it will help widen your chest and shoulder area, creating a visually equally frame in relation to your lower body. 

As always, I hope you found this post helpful! 



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