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On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend Style 360 & FTL Moda's fashion show and event for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with Red Light PR. I had a wonderful time speaking with representatives and designers of innovative brands, some of which are budding and others that have had a mark in the beauty industry for years, before the start of the runway show. I was able to snap some shots of my favorite pieces and brands, which I wanted to share with all of you, some of which you may have never heard of and some of which may ring a bell. Following the pre-show event, I had the opportunity to preview the Spring 2015 collections of such amazing and gifted designers. I have included a brief description of each brand and collection, as well as my favorite pieces from those collections. 


The first brand I want to speak about is quite unique, Leghilā; a line of purses made in Italy. There are two distinct attributes that sets this line of purses apart from the rest, it's design and maintenance. The purses are comprised of neoprene, which is the same fabric used to construct scuba suits! Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that exhibits good chemical stability and maintains it's flexibility within a wide temperature range. Due to it's ability to be exposed to extreme temperatures without effect to it's natural shape, it can endure the intense heat of machine dryers, allowing for all of Leghilā's purses to be machine washed and dried! Since the fabric is comprised of synthetic rubber, it also stands the test of liquid spills. If water is spilled, one can simply wipe and go, and if a beverage is spilt that shows color, it can be removed with a simple toss in the wash, how amazing is that? There are some guidelines that Leghilā provides on how to properly wash their purses, to ensure that the beautiful color of the purse you've selected (there are over 100 color combinations and selections to choose from!) are not effected, as well as the shoulder chains, which you can read on the Leghilā website, under "30° Washing". Below are some of the purses I liked and that were displayed at the pre-show event.


The second brand I would like to discuss is Mehron. With over 80 years in the makeup (beauty) industry and a favorite of some of the most renowned celebrity makeup artists, such as Nick Barose (Lupita Nyong's makeup artist), James Vincent, and  Danessa Myricks, it's a line that has proven and succeeded the test of time. Mehron is a makeup line comprised of ingredients that are good and beneficial for the skin (many of which are vegan!) and don't circum- to the effects of heat and perspiration, making it appealing and appropriate for theatrical performances (Black Swan, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek the Musical, The Lion King, New York City Ballet, and Cirque de Soliel), movie sets, and real life women, like you and I! Yes, Mehron provides a line of products for consumer use, to suit the needs of any and every skin and coverage need, supplying products that provide build-able coverage, making it a brand suitable for every woman, regardless of skin condition and tone.

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and speaking with Mehron's marketing director, Stephanie Koutikas, at the pre-show event. She shared how Mehron was the first makeup line and brand to be used on the models of the J Summer 2014 Fashion Show at the One World Trade Center, the new world trade center complex in NYC! So where can one find and purchase Mehron products? On the Mehron website (professional makeup artists are given the opportunity to join their pro membership program), beauty and makeup stores, such as Ricky's; you can find a retailer based on your location on their website! 


Lastly, I wanted to share a line of headphones that I found pretty cool and interesting, Flips Audio. Large headphones are a huge trend and are appealing to every city slicker, since they can block out the overwhelming background noise and sounds that come with city living, when trying to enjoy the sounds and rhythms of a favorite tune. I was intrigued to learn more about this particular brand and discover if there were any unique functions that would set this brand apart from the rest, and there is. Flips' line of headphones not only eliminate the outside sounds that can interfere with one enjoying his or her music in complete solitude, it has the ability to convert into a speaker when connected to audio devices; it's compatible with most devices, since it has a universal 3.5millimeter audio jack. Seeing that Flips has the ability to convert into a speaker, the ear pillows have built in amplifiers that provide high quality HD sound that doesn't falter when changed from "solo mode to speaker mode"- Flips Audio. The headphones are available in two colors, black or white, and are sold on the Flips Audio website and all Brookstone locations. 




I was given front row access at the Style 360 & FTL Moda show, which I'm so grateful for because I was able to capture some really good shots and angles of my favorite pieces that hit the runway from such talented designers, so I could share with all of you! My favorite designers were Kami ShadeJaime Elyse, and Gianni Tolentino. Below are my favorites from each of the their collections. 


I identified strongly with this collection, Sparkling Capsule, and I would certainly wear the majority of the pieces I saw! I can't even count or remember how many times I said, "Oh, wow!" Her clothing line was established in 2004 and has caught the eye and likes of some of the most influential fashionistas in entertainment, such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Danity Kane, Lauren Conrad, and Jessica Alba, to name a few! Many of her pieces have made appearances on top magazine covers, such as Vogue, Elle, and Lucky Magazine, as well as making TV appearances on shows and stations such as: NBC, Fox's "House", MTV, BET, and HBO's "Entourage." It's understandable how Kami Shade's collections have had such an impact on the media-sphere, they are gorgeous! 

What I personally love is the cuts and silhouettes of her pieces and that there is a variety of sizes and options provided to women of all ages, catering to personal style, personality, and body needs and wants, which is the heart of my blog and YouTube channel. Plus, her line is affordable, allowing everyday women, like you and I, to feel red carpet ready when wearing her pieces! 



If you follow me on Facebook, then you most likely saw the comment I posted with the video of Jaime Elyse and her models closing her show, stating that I felt I wanted to renew my vows asap, lol! This collection would make any woman want to relive her wedding experience, if married, or inspire those yet to be married, in a Jaime Elyse dress. Her dresses are simply gorgeous and I noticed a style mixture, which I appreciated, providing options for women according to their body shapes and personal style. After all, Jaime Elyse has been designing couture wedding gowns since 1994, so she definitely has some insight on what women like and feel beautiful in wearing! Her collections have graced the covers of influential fashion and bridal magazines, such as San Diego Style Weddings Magazine, Grace Ormond Magazine, LA Bride, Eliza Magazine, Inland Empire Magazine, and Spain's (Madrid) We&You Fashion Magazine! 



This collection is designed and made in Italy by the hands and creative mind of Gianni Tolentino, who has worked for some of the most legendary names and brands in fashion, such as Shön, Dior, and Pucci, dating back to the 70s. His style trademark, dating to the early 80s, has always been Couture, which has become his identifying signature. He has gained the attention and favor from some the of most influential celebrities in Italy, known and recognized internationally. I loved the colors, fabrics, and details blended, which demonstrated such sophistication and class, with a bit of old school glam, classic Couture.



BLAZER: Forever 21

TANK: Express

SHORTS: Cynthia Rowley (Marshalls)


CLUTCH: Marshalls

I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing this post on my experience and designers featured at the Style 360 & FTL Moda Mercedes Benz Fashion Show for NYFW. A huge thank you to Red Light PR for their continuous demonstration in excellence and hospitality!




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