Posted by Jalisa on Apr 01, 2014

Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

I wanted to put together a little collage on some pieces I feel are must haves for spring. These pieces are of course versatile, you guys know how much I'm all for versatile pieces, as they provide more flexibility in terms of styling and creating various looks and mixing and matching pieces. I love jean jackets because they go with practically everything, including dressier pieces, like a pair of black trousers, if you want to add a casual element to your work look. White tees are also a spring staple, as they can be mixed with dressier pieces as well, such as a nice solid toned blazer and heels, or dressed down with jean shorts or a maxi skirt and sneakers or sandals. Speaking of maxi skirts, I love how effortless they are. On days when it's a bit warmer out or you don't want to put much effort or thought into what you're wearing, you can pair it with a plain tee, graphic shirt, or button up, add a statement necklace or scarf and voilà, a nice put together look is created! Moving onto scarves, there are so many different kinds and styles, but one of my favorites is the infinity scarf. They add more warmth and coziness to an outfit, which is perfect for those chilly spring mornings. In the morning, you can wrap the scarf around quite a few times to keep warm, and as the day begins to warm up, you can un-loop it a bit. I suggest getting one or a few in colors that are vibrant, yet compliment your skin-tone. I love this magenta pink one, featured in the collage, because I feel it's universally flattering and blends well with many colors and patterns. Continuing on with accessories, I think a great pair of sunnies and sandals are absolutely essential. In fact, I mentioned in my video on pieces I feel you should splurge on (watch HERE), that sunnies are one of those pieces, since you should be wearing them all year long and practically every day! Protect those beautiful eyes by purchasing a pair that are sturdy and are UVA and UVB resistant. When it comes to sandals, you don't necessarily have to invest, so have fun with different colors, patterns, and textures at affordable or reasonable prices. I do suggest that you get a few that have nice pops of color, as they can effortless dress up an otherwise simple look. By adding a pair of great sandals and a statement necklace, your outfit will look well put together and as though you put much though into it. Finally, I HIGHLY suggest you polish those nails of yours with nice spring colors. Nail polish and nail art in general has now become an accessory to one's look, plus who doesn't feel girly and beautiful with freshly painted nails?! I suggest two brands the most, since they don't chip easily or much, Essie and L'Oreal. I try to give myself a mani and pedi every 3-4 days to keep my nails looking fresh, but when I get really busy and don't have time, these brands can easily last me a week and I use my hands A LOT (cleaning, cooking, gym, etc. ).

I hope you found my pieces suitable and practical for your spring wardrobe. I'm sure many of you have most, if not all, of what I've mentioned. If that's the case, start expanding your collection by experimenting with different colors to give yourself even more options. I also want to mention that a maxi dress can definitely take the place of a maxi skirt, so don't feel you MUST go out an purchase a skirt. In fact, sometimes I roll down my maxi dresses and turn them into skirts, so you can give that a try ;)



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