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Last Thursday, I attended Red Light PR's bi-annual press preview and today, I'd like to share my experience, as I always do! There were amazing collections debuted for the upcoming spring 2015 season, some new to me and some I've been familiar with. I decided to discuss and introduce to you the ones that were new to me and show some photos of me with the designers/ creative directors of those labels, as well as a few my favorite pieces from their collections. This time around, I attended the press preview later than I usually do and it was a packed house! Next time, I plan on attending at my usual times, it's a bit lighter, because I feel that I'm able to take more photos and talk more one-on-one with the designers longer, which I like :) Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time with Red Light, as I always do! So, without further ado, let's discuss the first label, which was my personal favorite! 


This beautiful face may look very familiar to all of you Project Runway fans; she was a contestant on season 11! She is amazingly gifted as a designer and creative mind, which is truly depicted in and by her beautiful designs and creations. This label was my favorite because I was able to personally identify with it the most. Each piece within her collection could be easily integrated into my current wardrobe, while adding sass and edge, a perfect mixture I would say ;) What resonated with me the most was her explanation of one of her recurrent patterns in the collection, a floral-like print. She explained to me, after watching me admire the pattern first, that it's a collage of her mother, son, and nature blended together to create the pattern, all of which are main and important components of her life and inspiration. I was speechless because this. is. art. Art captivates and provokes a reaction and formulates a deep imagination process, one that is independent to each person who views it, which is why interpretations vary.

A close up of a sleeve that had the pattern 


In the case of Layana's beautiful pattern, several admirers of the pattern and myself all thought it to be something different. I truly appreciated this. I also appreciated the thought process that went into each piece within the collection. The fabric used for all pieces is neoprene, a fabric I introduced you all to back in September when I shared a Italian handbag label that uses the same fabric; I explained that this is the same fabric used to construct scuba diving suits. What makes this genius to use as a fabric in clothing is that it doesn't wrinkle (making it ideal for traveling), doesn't show damage or effects from water and liquids (perfect for rainy and snowy days) and it contours the body rather nicely, especially since many of her designs place a great and flattering emphasis on the waistline. I encourage you all to visit her website (click on the title of this section) to learn more about her label and to view more pieces. Much success to you, Layana! 




This collection is absolutely beautiful, feminine, and passionate, reflective of the Puerto Rican designer's, Sofia Arana, heritage! Filled with lace, soft fabrics, lady-like silhouettes, and a mixture of neutrals and bold color, this label offers the perfect mixture of timeless fashion and fast fashion trends. The trends are implemented in subtle ways, to ensure the long-time use of each garment, which I appreciate, since I'm a devote lover and believer in classic and timeless pieces, I mean, who wants to dish out hundreds or even thousands on something she won't be able to wear in 10 years?! That said, many of the pieces permit for the use of waist belts for additional emphasis on the waist or to be left flowy for a more contemporary feel. This permits for versatility when wearing a single item, allowing each piece to be worn and styled in a variety of ways. Visit her website to view more pieces in her current collection and to learn more about her and the brand! 



Seen with Alex Petropulos (creative director) and Diana Camacho (director of photography)

This label is perfect for all my fellow fashionistas who love to keep up with fast fashion and trends. The collections are inspired by fashion and style in real time, featuring clothing with popular social media quotes and sayings. A line perfect for teens and young adults that are eager to stay on top of the social media and fashion trends. 


Seen with president/creative director Najla Burt and VP/CEO Cynthia Burt

Avant-garde, that sums up and defines this label and collection to me. It's unique and each piece is sure to be a conversational starter, which I've talked about many times here on the blog, specifically for work wear, when you may have a position that can be a bit intimidating or distant from your clients, conversation starters about clothing can certainly break the ice and openly express who you are without saying a word! 

The name of the label, Dur Doux (Dur-"do"), which means hard/soft was interesting to me and upon learning the meaning of the label, I certainly saw this translated into the pieces and collection I viewed. There was a mixture of structured silhouettes, such as the skirt shown below, which at the same time, featured a soft pattern of florals. Many of the pieces I viewed could easily transition from day to night and I personally think it's because of the unique combination of dur doux, more refined in the office, but when out of this context, there's a more softened feel.  Plus, the company is run and directed by a mother-daughter dynamic duo, which I thought was incredibly awesome! Be sure to visit their site above to learn more!



A favorite label of Beyoncé, she has requested the yellow and black draped dress (for obvious reasons, lol)! If I were to describe this label to you in one word, it would be luxurious and I'm sure that's what caught the eye of Ms. Beyoncé. However, that's not entirely why I personally love this label, it's more of the unique and versatile service it provides. Each piece in the collection can be worn as a pajama or on the street to create a comfortable, unique, and luxurious blended look. I know, the day has finally come that we can get away with wearing our cozy nightgowns outdoors, without being stared at! What I love is that it's not in your face pajama designs, it's subtle hints, which makes it wearable and ideal for day. Perhaps when we see Beyoncé in this dress, she'll be singing, "I woke up like this." Haha, I know, a tad corny, but it was fitting. Visit the website above for more photos and details about this label!



Seen with director Amanda De Meleghy 

I loved this label and I'm so glad I have been introduced to it! Their pieces are also sold at Mod Cloth, which I personally am a huge fan of as well. I am often inspired and love to wear vintage looks and pieces, which is the look I wore at the event. The inspirations for the label are taken from the 40s and 70s. I personally identify most with the 60s and 70s, which is why I instantly connected with it. I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces and play around with looks, because I always have fun when creating vintage outfits, so funky and fun, a different side of me I think than you see on YouTube :) Certainly check them out on their site, as well as Mod Cloth, if you too are a fan! Oh, and how awesome does director, Amanda De Meleghy look wearing the dress I chose as one of my favorites?! I absolutely loved the way she styled it! 


I hope you all enjoyed this post, as much as I loved sharing it all with you. I trust that you have found a connection to some, if not all, of the brands I showcased and discussed. I wish the best and much success to each designer and label and thank the Red Light PR team for providing me with the opportunity to meet and be in the presence of such gifted individuals! 



DRESS: One Clothing (Marshalls)

VEST: Me Jane (TjMaxx)

TIGHTS: Local boutique

PURSE: Errelleventidue (TjMaxx)

BOOTS: GUESS (Marshalls)




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