Hello gorgeous ladies!

This week's video is a continuation of the Plus Sized Series! In this video, I provide you all with some simple styling tips that can help visually minimize parts of your upper body that you may be a bit self-conscious about. 

Tips mentioned, in case you missed it:


1. Wear tops that have larger cap sleeves

2. Wear ballon sleeves

3. Wear 3/4 sleeves

4. Wear v-neck tops and/or dresses (they have a visual lengthening effect)

5. Wear tops and/or dresses that have a wrap around effect

6. Don't wear tops and/or dresses that have tighter cap sleeves that fold into the skin

7.Wear waist belts to provide a more cinched and defined waistline

8. Wear larger more loose fitting peplum, if you carry most of your weight in your lower 


9.Wear peasant style tops with a waist belt

10. Wear tops and/or dresses with ruching around the stomach (it has a slimming effect)


All clothing shown in this video has been pinned to my PLUS SIZED Pinterest board:





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