Posted by Jalisa on Aug 07, 2013

Hello ladies!

This week I wanted to discuss my must have list for footwear for the office. I myself have every one of the shoe suggestions mentioned in this post, not the exact ones shown in the photo example, but I have at least one in each category. Wearing the proper shoes for a long days work, truly makes all the difference, especially if you're one who stands on your feet all day! You want to go for shoes that are not only cute and stylish, but also offer great comfort! The shoes that I listed below are from designers that I know offer the best of both worlds! 

You will notice that I included in the collage two Dr. Scholl's products. I've noticed, with experience, that no matter how comfortable a shoe may be, if you're on your feet for hours on end, you will begin to feel some sort of pain and/or soreness. These two products, the heel liners and the ball of foot gel pads, offer support in areas of the feet that are most prone to develop blisters and cuts. I remember, as if it were yesterday, being in classes from 9am all the way until 5pm in my high heels, with little to no break in between (all my pre-med readers can totally attest to this, especially when dissecting!). I wore high heels all throughout my undergraduate career, never wearing flats or sneakers! I just loved wearing my heels! Everyone would always ask me, "how do you do it walking around campus back and forth in those heels?" To be honest, it was the quality of the shoes I wore! Almost all the shoes that I wore were by Nine West, two of which I included down below are from them! They honestly are one of the most affordable shoe brands that offer great pricing, as well as great quality.

When I started commuting into the city from the University to work, I couldn't do it any longer, not because my shoes would hurt my feet, but because NYC running and brisk walking can totally take a toll on your beautiful shoes! That's when I began to embrace flats! I don't have many flats in my closet, but my most favorite is my Tory Burch leopard print flats. They are very chic and comfortable, which is why I included a pair of her flats down below. The reason I chose these waterproof ones, is if you are one who doesn't like wearing heels and doesn't care too much for rain boots, when it's not pouring, these would be great! If you accidentally step into a puddle, you wouldn't have to worry about messing up your shoes or even scuffing them up while walking, since they are rubber! How awesome is that?! A pair of trendy low maintenance shoes for every day wear! 

Another must have is a pair of black and nude high heel shoes. I suggest this to every woman, even if she is not one who typically wears heels, because they always come in handy for business meetings and/or conferences. Trust me, when I traveled around to attend conferences, there were often more men than women present, especially in the field of medicine and psychology, unfortunately. That being said, I feel that high heels add a bit of confidence, especially if a woman is petite. Not only can she feel a bit intimidated being surrounded by mainly men (often the case in most companies), but she can also feel intimidated being a petite woman at that! That's when the heels can come in handy in helping to boost one's self-esteem :)

Finally, I suggest a pair of rain boots. I happen to love these Burberry one's shown below, but of course you don't need to go out and purchase these particular ones! Any comfortable pair of rain boots would do! These are not only a must for when it's raining cats and dogs, but also when it snows (if you experience that in your neck of the woods, as we do here in New York). The NY streets can become so engulfed with slush and piles of snow that look like mountains, that you would want to have something that you can commute to and from work in and not have to worry about your feet getting all wet and dirty, or messing up any of your beautiful shoes!

There you have it, my must have shoes for work! Like I said before, I myself have one of every category of shoe mentioned, as well as the Dr. Schooll's products. I hope this helped you in preparation for shopping for some work essentials, especially transitioning into the fall and winter months! 

PS: Remember, hard work always pays off!



RAIN BOOTS: Burberry Haymarket Brogue Rainboots (you can purchase HERE)

PURPLE FLATS: Tory Burch Jelly Bow Ballet Flat (you can purchase HERE)

NUDE HEELS: Nine West's Love Fury in the color Dark Natural (you can purchase it on sale HERE)

BLACK HEELS: Nine West's Flute in the color black leather (you can purchase it on sale HERE)

DR. SCHOLL'S PRODUCTS: Can be found at your local drugstore in the foot aisle!



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