Posted by Jalisa on Jun 17, 2013

Hello beauties,

This week's video is all about perfumes and choosing the right ones for you, as well as how to apply them correctly, so that they'll last all day. 

Where you should apply the perfumes

1. Inner wrist

2. Middle of neck

3. Inner elbows

4. Behind knees

5. At least 8in away from clean hair

Perfumes shown in the video

1. Shi by Alfred Sung

2. Gucci's Guilty

3. Creed by Oliver Creed

4. DKNY's Be Delicious 

5. Flora by Gucci

6. Clinique's Happy


Tips mentioned:

1. Wear a stronger scent during the fall/winter months

2. Wear a softer sent during the spring/summer months

3. Wear a softer scent during the day

4. Wear a stronger scent during the night

5. Eau de cologne has 3-5% parfume oil mixed with alcohol AND water, making it a lighter in scent (cheaper)

6. Eau de toilette has 4-8% of parfume oil mixed with alcohol, making it a bit stronger than eau de cologne (affordable)

7. Eaud de parfume has 15-18% parfume oil mixed with alcohol, making it long lasting (expensive)

8. Don't apply perfume to dirty hair, it'll mix with the oils in your hair and cause it to smell funky

9. Purchase sets that have lotions that will cause the scent to be even stronger and long lasting

10. Don't apply perfume to dry skin, it'll seep into your pores and you'll lose the scent. Apply an unscented moisturizer/lotion/jelly on your body first, to act as a barrier

11. Don't rub wrists together, you'll crush the scent of the perfume


All the best at smelling your best


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