Hello beauties!

I have a brand new video up, a continuation on the body shaped series that we've been doing. We're almost finished, only one more video left in the series! Anyway, I love this body shape, although many women who have this body frame aren't happy with it. I feel that it gives the ability to play with many fashionable pieces that many of us who are curvy in certain areas wouldn't be able to. This is one of the main reasons fashion designers use models with this body shape to model on their runway, since their figure won't "distract" from the pieces themselves and when the designer wants to do something crazy, like make a piece that has a huge hip or bust area, it won't look too drastic on them. 

As always, I hope you find the video helpful and if you don't have a YouTube account, you can still participate by leaving comments on the stores you shop at in the comment's section to these videos and I will pin from those stores on to the boards on my account.

Until next time, stay fabulous...stay YOU! 




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