Posted by Jalisa on Jun 05, 2013

Good morning gorgeous ladies!

For this week's W3 post, we will be discussing how to create a nice silhouette in a dress. Now, you know that teaching on body shapes has now become my trade mark, guys, can you believe that the body shape series has over 30,000 views!!! OMG! I'm so glad that it's doing as well as it is and to me completely honest with you, I didn't think it was going to do this well! It just shows how much we care about knowing as much as we can about our bodies and learning the importance of dressing it correctly. As I mentioned in the end of this week's video, I'm not for plastic surgery, unless it's done for medical or health reasons. Why spend thousands of dollars on changing something that can possibly cause heath problems in the future? Why not put that money into a whole new wardrobe that actually fits your body shape well and enhances what you already have?! I'm looking to start a revolution here, to truly inflict change upon all my viewers and readers. This is something I'm extremely passionate about. I'm tired of seeing women walking around with low confidence and jealous of the girl next to her because she has the body she wishes she had. I am looking to change the way we view others, but it first starts with how we view ourselves. If we can master some simple styling tips that can make us feel more confident, then we are less inclined to feel threatened or jealous of someone else, wouldn't you agree?! Ok, with all that said, let's move on to the dress.

This dress, I believe would look phenomenal on any body shape, which of course includes plus size figures. I had a comment on a video that asked if I could do more videos for plus sized women. The thing is, the majority of what I'm teaching you can work for plus size women, too. Being plus size is not a different body shape. You can still fall into any of the categorizes, because again, your shape has a lot to do with where you store your excess weight. Dresses like this, that offer evenly distributed pattern, with a curved silhouette, will compliment every body shape, by adding the curve in the area you lack it because of the trim or border. 

PEAR: This dress is great for you, since it has the lace detailing on the bust area, which would give the appearance of a larger bust. Also, since the lace detailing around the hips are positioned in an inverted way from the top to the bottom, it will not make your hips look larger or draw too much attention to them. Another detail to note, is that there is some lace detailing around the shoulder area, which will also cause the eye to shift upward. 

APPLE: This type of dress would look great on you because it doesn't have an overwhelming amount of pattern going on in the chest area, which would generally make your chest look even larger. The lace is actually positioned on the sides of the bust, which in your case, will cause a sliming effect. Since there is a band around the waistline, it will help you establish one, especially if you have a tummy. The fact that there is lace on the outer hip area will create the appearance of curved hips, which in your case, you lack. Also, since the lace detailing on the shoulder area is balanced out with the solid coral color, it'll prevent the eye from concentrating too much on your shoulder area, which in your case can be a bit wider. 

BOY/RECTANGULAR: This type of dress will do wonders for you, because it will create the illusion of a curved, hourglass body shape, which is awesome, since you naturally lack curves. You have the lace on top on the outer bust area, the waist band, which will create a waistline, separating your top and lower portion and preventing you from looking so boxy. The lace around the outer hip area will give you a curved hip, which you do not have naturally.

HOURGLASS: This dress provides the right amount of solid to pattern ratio, which is important for you, since you want to maintain your naturally balanced out frame. 


All the best in looking your best,


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