Hello ladies & gents!

In today's post, I will be teaching you how to correctly pair colors, especially if you are into combining colors, i.e. color blocking! It's important to understand that not all colors look good when paired together in an outfit and to better assist you in your pairing, I want to show you which colors work well together and why. You may or may not have heard of the color wheel. If not, the color wheel contains various color hues in the shape of a circle and shows the relationships between them, based on their placement in the circle. I will only be explaining what I believe are key points in understanding this system that will be easy for you to understand and apply. 

Colors that are directly opposite each other in the circle are known as complimentary colors. The reason they are referred to as complimentary colors, is because these colors look the best when paired together and bring out the vibrancy of the opposite color. So, if you look at the circle, you will see, for example, the plum purple, which is across from the brightest yellow would look good together, when combined in an outfit. Please understand, when I say outfit, I don't necessarily mean clothing, you can wear a plum top and a yellow necklace, for example. Analogous colors also work well when paired together. These are colors that are next to or around each other on the color wheel. They don't exactly give off that bold intense vibe, as the complimentary colors would, they provide a more soothing relaxed vibe! 



These are the basic concepts that I feel are the most important to understand in pairing your outfits, in order to achieve a well balanced look. I know that color blocking can be a bit intimidating for some and if this is you, I would suggest starting off with the analogous colors and maybe start off with accessories, such as jewelry and shoes. Once you begin to feel more comfortable, then begin combining the colors in clothing and then you can work your way up to the complimentary colors! I also want to mention, when you combine these colors, make sure not to over do it with too much color. The way to balance your look, would be to incorporate some neutral pieces. For example, a hot pink and green themed outfit paired with nude pumps and clutch. Also, remember that animal prints are considered neutrals as well, but I would suggest using these when using analogous colors and plain nude for the complementaries.

As always, I hope that I assisted you in better understanding how to dress YOUR body and always remember that you ARE BEAUTIFUL and clothing just helps to enhance it!!!


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