Hello beauties!

Since this week's video is all about earrings, I decided to do today's post on some more examples of earrings that would look great on you, depending on the shape of your face. Since I also mentioned how studs can really enhance one's eye color, and I wanted to show some examples of studs that would do just that! 

1. The Oval 

     Why it works: The earring has an interesting shape that can enhance the cheekbones, making them appear a bit more prominent to the otherwise softer shape because of it's wider shape. The earring is also not too long, so it won't draw out the face at all!


2. The Diamond

     Why it works: The disc shape hoop brings attention to your beautiful cheekbones and doesn't offer too much length, which would otherwise lengthen the face even more, which is not necessary for this face shape.


3. The Circle 

     Why it works: This earring has a very interesting shape and offers both length and width. The fact that the dangling detail is more narrow in shape than the rest of the earring, the eye will focus on the contrast, which will bring attention to the chin area, creating length! 


4. The Square

     Why it works: This earring has very smooth edges, which will naturally soften the sharp edges of your face. 


5. The Heart

     Why it works: This earring has a teardrop effect, offering more "weight" at the bottom of the earring, creating visual width!


6. The Oblong

     Why it works: This earring is perfect for a long face shape with a sharp chin because it's not long, yet offers contrast to the chin area, since the ending is pointed. 


1. Green Eyes

     Why it works: Purple is known to help green eyes truly stand out, as well as metallic golds, which is why purple studs with gold detailing would be perfect for you green eyed beauties!


2. Hazel Eyes

     Why it works: Lighter greens help the green undertones in hazel eyes to pop even more and the gold detailing combined with the green, will also allow the golden undertones to show through as well!


3. Blue Eyes

    Why it works: Beautiful aqua blues help create a more deepening effect to blue eyes, especially for the lighter blues. Those with blue eyes tend to have lighter complexions, which generally have cool undertones. Cool undertones look better in silver than gold against the skin, which is why blue studs with silver detailing will compliment this eye color best! 


4. Brown Eyes

     Why it works: Most ladies with brown eyes may feel that there's nothing too "special" about their eyes, since this color is the most common. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't some simple tricks and colors that can help bring out those beautiful brown eyes! Yellows and golds do just that, by bringing out the lighter undertones within the eye, which will cause the darker brown eyes to appear even lighter, especially during the day! 




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