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Happy Friday my sweet friends!

Do you ever reserve your animal printed pieces for fall? To be honest, I sometimes do. This particular top, I tend to wear around this time of year though, but my darker leopard pieces are worn mostly during the fall and winter.

Well—animal print is trending pretty heavily and it's summer! All sorts of pieces are starting to pop up, such as body suits and midi skirts that can be worn now and later. 

If you're working with your more traditional leopard print colors, I'd say to make styling easier and more comfortable, the pieces themselves need to be suitable for the warmer weather. Think a satin leopard cami or slip dress. Both pieces are perfect for warmer weather, yet can easily be layered to create the perfect fall outfit. To further enhance the summer feel, you can try pairing your pieces with off whites. They have warmer tones, which are more visually suitable for the season.

I hope I've inspired you on selecting pieces that would be perfect now and carry you well into fall, which I can't believe is on the horizon! Thanks so much for stopping by, friends, and I hope you have a great weekend!



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