Posted by Jalisa on Sep 22, 2015


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Hi all my beautiful friends!

So the other day I did some window shopping. Sometimes, I just love to hit up some of my favorite department stores and see what's trending. While we get many of our style inspirations from the runway reports and street style, having worked in retail, your local store is a huge sign as to what is trending for the everyday woman; especially the front of the store ;) After making my way through one end of the store to the other, I noticed a recurring color theme in purses and that was red! 

Red is such a classic and chic color to rock and is perfect for making either a subtle or huge statement, depending on what's worn and styled. I've had conversations with women who were a bit scared of color and it's powerful impact and what I almost always suggested was starting with a purse. Red is a color that pairs well with nearly every color out there and it's available in many shades to flatter your skin-tone. If you have prominent blue veins and are cool toned, then reds with a bluish undertone would be a great option. For those of you who have prominent green veins, I'd suggest reds that have more of an orange undertone. If, however, you are neutral, you can chose either of the two I mentioned or a true candy apple red. 

Above are some of the purses I spotted and loved, which I hope you do as well! To make things easier, I divided each purse that fit into one of the 3 skin tone categories, to ensure that you'll select the perfect red for your skin tone :) Of course it's only a suggestion, so feel free to purchase any you'd love :) What's your fave?! Mine has to be the Kate Spade plaid tote, perfect for fall! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a beautiful day :)



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