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Can you believe that we're only two weeks away from Thanksgiving?! It's crazy, I know! With it just being right around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some findings from an article I stumbled upon from the Daily Mail, a UK news source, on how the different food cravings vary between 3 different body shapes: inverted triangle, apple and pear shapes. You know that this is the heart and soul of The Style Contour; providing you with multiple ways to embrace your body shape, so I just had to share!

Hopefully, this post will assist in discovering any food weaknesses or foods you may want to avoid over indulging in during the season. I know it definitely gave me great insight and a better understanding of my food cravings, which I felt was spot on for my body shape, pear. I am not suggesting that you don't enjoy the deliciousness that the holidays offer, shoot, I certainly will! Nonetheless, I hope these findings will make it easier to say no to certain foods that you vowed you'd avoid or help you limit the amount you decide to indulge in, so you won't regret it later; I almost always regret when I over indulge

Triangular Shape

This body shape has broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Those who fall into this category tend to crave instant energy salty or savory carbohydrates, such as pasta and bread. These foods are classified as simple carbohydrates and aren't the best source of carbs. The purpose of carbs is to give your body energy and while these foods do, they only do so for a short amount of time, whereas fish, seeds or eggs provide sustained energy and help control cravings. You may want to avoid or limit your simple carb intake, which means chips, cookies, pies, white pasta, and white bread to name a few. 

Apple Shape

This shape has a wide back and broad shoulders and back, as well as a fuller midsection. Those who are of this shape tend to crave flour based foods, such as bread, as well as high fat spicy foods (spicy heavy meals) and salty wheat snacks. You may want to avoid or limit cakes, pies and cookies and foods with wheat, as they increase bloating and blood levels, or you may want to opt for gluten free versions, since wheat contains gluten. Try indulging in foods that are high in protein, such as fish and the white meat of the turkey (if you eat meat), as well as plenty of fibre!

Pear Shape

This shape is smaller in the bust and waist and is largest in the hip, butt and thigh area. Those who fall into this category tend to crave foods that are sweet and creamy (ice-cream) or starchy foods, such as white rice, potatoes and bread. You may want to avoid or limit pastas, bread, including tortillas (chips, too!) You may wan to try eating lean meats (white or ground beef or sirloin for red meats) as well as beans (maybe a hummus dip!) and sweet fruits. 

I hope you all found this post helpful, if so, share it with a friend! Feel free to check out the original article here! If you are uncertain as to which body shape you are, I suggest you watch my video on how to take your measurements to determine your body shape! If you are confused with the measurements, let me know and I'd be more than happy to help. I hope you all have an amazing day and thanks so much for stopping by! 



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