Posted by Jalisa on Oct 22, 2015

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Hey beautiful friends!

Today I want to share the perfume I'm loving for fall, Dot by Marc Jacobs. I, actually love many of the Marc Jacob's fragrances. It all started with 'Oh,Lola!', which I had stumbled upon while shopping at TjMaxx last year. When I went back to that same store, I saw both Honey and Dot, both were the last ones left, so I had to get them! I adore both the packaging and scents. I feel 'Oh,Lola!' and Honey are perfect for the spring and summer, although 'Oh,Lola!' can be worn all year long. However, Dot, is to me the definition of a fall scent. It has a bit drfitwood, vanilla and musk (creating a bit of a woody scent) that can be smelt and it last really long, as do the other fragrances. If you're on the hunt for a new fall scent, I highly suggest you give this one a try! A little side tip, I find that my perfumes last longer when I apply them to either damp skin or on top of my lotions. For more tips on selecting and wearing perfumes, watch my YouTube video (here)!

What is your favorite fall fragrance? 

Have an amazing day and thanks so much for stopping by! 



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