Happy Tuesday my sweet friends!

Since having Aviah, I don't usually have much time to do my makeup as I once did, which has resulted in me in paying more mind to my skin care regimen. This routine doesn't take forever to do, so it's perfect for a new mom, like myself, who doesn't have much extra time on her hands. I'm not going to discuss my entire routine step-by-step in this post, though if you're interested, I can in another. Today, I'm specifically narrowing in on the face masks that I've been using for quite a few months and that I absolutely adore. 


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Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

Does this leather shirt look familiar to you? I'm sure it does because it's quite an original, lol. I know that this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I was instantly drawn to it when I snagged it at a thrift shop in NYC over a year ago. I first styled it here. As you can see, I wasn't too thrilled with the way the outfit came together, haha. I asked you all to weigh in on how I should style it next and the most popular suggestion was to pair with all black, as I've done today. 


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Happy Friday my sweet friends!

About a month ago, Influenster sent me a vox box filled with some goodies to test out. I always look forward to being selected by them for their vox boxes because I've discovered some great brands and products through those boxes. Since having Aviah, though, I've been more selective about my skincare and products I'm willing to try. When I was pregnant, my entire skincare regimen changed and since then, I've continued to restrict my products to mostly all natural, organic, and paraben free. Since I'm nursing, I'm super paranoid about chemicals being absorbed through my skin. This isn't to say that I only use these kind of products, but 90% off my makeup and beauty collection is. 


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