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Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was your weekend?! As I said on Friday, Eddie was off from Thursday to Sunday, which rarely ever happens (maybe 3 times out of the 12 years we've been together!) so I really soaked up every minute with him, Aviah, and my step-daughter Destiny. We moved to Connecticut a year ago, but so much has happened this past year (we moved, I got pregnant, Eddie switched jobs & I gave birth) so we didn't have much time to get familiar with our new home town, until this past weekend. It literally felt like a vacation because again, I'm so not used to him being off for so long and life was just going at a slower pace, especially since I ditched my phone (for the most part ;). 



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Happy Friday my lovely friends!

During the summer weekends, many of us have fun plans that involve getting out and getting active, whether it be strolling around, brunching, or what have you, we just want to get up and out! This means we're cutting back the time we spend getting ready with quick and easy makeup routines and clothing that we can just throw on and go, but of course we don't want to sacrifice style, right?



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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

In case you missed it, last week, I began a series on the blog entitled Fall Essentials. The series will feature some of my personal favorite essentials for the fall season and I'm sharing them all with you leading up to fall in hopes of inspiring you to add in some of the gaps you may have in your fall wardrobe or perhaps give you some ideas and inspiration for wearing and styling them. If you did miss that introductory post, you can check it out here, it was on my personal favorite fall staple, leather jackets! 


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