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Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend! You may be noticing that alongside typical fall colors, we've also been seeing various shades that are a bit more unexpected trend for the season (fall pastels), such as soft shades of pink, which we'd typically reserve for both spring and summer. I feel that the fashion world is trying to somehow incorporate the colors of the year, both serenity blue (light or baby blue) and rose quartz (dusty, blush pink) in all of the year's collections. After all, it wouldn't make much sense to name them as the colors of year and not be able to wear them all year long, right?! 


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Happy Friday, my dear friends

I decided to throw on my flares for the first time this season. I won't get into much detail on how I'd suggest you wear and style them for your body shape, since I recently shared an entire post on that very topic, which you can read here


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Happy Thursday, my dear friends

So it seems as though that Mother Nature has finally decided to make up her mind by keeping with seasonal temps! Don't get me wrong, I love warmer days, but when it's in the middle of fall, it causes all the leaves to fall and die out prematurely and I feel as though I've been jipped a season, that's what happened last year. Do you guys remember when it was 70 on Christmas Eve?! She made up for it though with Storm Jonas (insert eyeball roll emoji). 


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