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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

I guess I'm on a slogan tee kick this week, haha! I love this one, which says, "Paris, I love you" in French. I've never been to France before, but much like the rest of the human population, i want to visit someday. Until then, I'll just admire the food and culture that's so influential here in the states and pretty much everywhere, right?! 

Last week, I shared 7 different ways to wear olive green this season and today's outfit is yet another example and inspiration, I hope! Would you believe that these are actually leggings, not jeans?! Yup and they're maternity leggings at that! Eddie couldn't believe it. When he first saw me wearing them, he said, "I love your jeans, honey." 


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Happy Thursday my sweet friends!

If you scroll through Instagram long enough (about 10 minutes) you'll most likely notice that many bloggers, regardless of their niche, are sporting a Daniel Wellington time piece and perhaps you've wondered if they're worth the hype or just a clever marketing tactic. If your thoughts aligned with the latter, I must admit I too thought the same thing. Now, I'm not saying that they didn't look beautiful or unique to spark my interest, I just wasn't sure if there was anything that truly set the brand apart that made nearly every influencer love and suggest them. 


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Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

I'm sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday, I was so tired as I mentioned on Monday, I just couldn't get myself up to it. I've been doing my best in prepping my posts a week in advance, but last week was so crazy, I wasn't able to get much done. 

Anyway, we've been seeing a lot of graphic and slogan tees lately and I'm loving it. I feel they're a great way to add some personality to your outfit, sharing a little about yourself without having to say a word, truly reflective of the iconic quote from Rachel Zoe, "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." Plus, I like to wear them now that I'm preggers and my bump is poppin' to show it off a little ;) I mean, I only have 10 more weeks to enjoy little mama inside my tummy. I STILL can't believe that you guys! 


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