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Happy Friday, beautiful friends!

Who's ready for the weekend!? Rhetorical question, haha; I'm sure we all are!  

I've purchased these pants over two years ago and each time I've featured them here on the blog, it's always been a rather dressier outfit (hereherehere). This time around, I decided to pair them with a simple, plain grey tee, minimal accessories, with some pops of blue. Since the satin fabric has a luxurious, dressy vibe, I like how it makes the entire outfit look more dressed up, though it was very effortless...

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Happy Thursday, friends!

As many of you know, I'm not petite, I stand at 5'8 (maybe slightly under, but who's really measuring!?). While I may not directly encounter some of the challenges that many petites (5'3 and under) face, I've helped style ladies who are and have spoken to some of you about the frustration you sometimes encounter while shopping. After many of our conversations, I felt inspired to create this post, in hopes of giving you some ideas as to what you can work with this summer that will help you feel great in the clothing choices you select and wear...

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Happy Hump Day, friends!

I've had this pineapple printed tank for about two years now and I've finally decided to wear it. I've wrestled with the thought of giving it away, but since I've been seeing the print everywhere for the past two seasons (remember my trend report on it last month!?), I decided to hold on to it for a little while longer, actually wearing it this time around! 

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