Happy Tuesday my sweets!

Today, I'm sharing my thoughts on two products from Aveda's Tulāsara Wedding Masque collection, the night and eye creams. These products were sent to me to test out back when I was pregnant with Aviah, but I didn't begin using them until days after I came home from the hospital after having her because I was in dire need of some TLC. As I've mentioned in a previous skincare post, I didn't truly begin to take my skincare regimen seriously until after having Aviah. Not only have I realized the importance of taking care of my skin, but it gives me a few minutes of some me time. It feels good to know that I'm doing something that is good for me, too :) 



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Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

Anyway, an all black outfit is one that's classic and looks good on everyone, regardless of body shape, size, or skin color. There are a number of ways you can style a black monochrome outfit to prevent things from appearing boring. I personally chose to omit the use of texture or a belt because I wanted to create the illusion of a long lean and clean look, but mixing textures is such a great way to add interest and of course comfort during the winter months. I did do some layering; I'm wearing a black tank underneath the turtleneck for some added warmth. 


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Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

When it comes to winter fashion there are a few things that come to mind, aside from specific colors there are textures. Textures play a huge roll in keeping warm and can also be rather stylish, too. Who knew that when we pay more mind, winter fashion can be quite interesting and anything but dull! I particularly like sweaters and cardigans that have a fuzzy texture because they're often incredibly cozy and enhance that wintertime feel in appearance. When it come stop styling them one thing you really must consider are the other elements in the look. I wouldn't suggest combining your textured piece with more than one other piece in your outfit or else you risk looking like a teddy bear, haha. Pieces that have more structure pair great with this fabric, such as leather leggings/coated jeans, suede, or your classic denim. 


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