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Happy Friday my beautiful friends!

These photos were obviously taken before the snowstorm we had yesterday, it snowed SO much!! I always love when it first snows, but after?! Not so much, haha. Maneuvering around it can be quite the challenge, either people are way too cautious on the road or drive like maniacs, very rarely is there a medium, haha.


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Happy Thursday my beautiful friends!

As promised last week, I'm sharing with you my two favorites from January's PopSugar Must Have Box, which I unboxed with you on IG Stories. The theme of the box was centered around relaxation, which is fitting after coming out of a hectic holiday season and into a brand new year! There were really only a few things to try, as some things included were more stationary, such as the post-its and desk calendar, which by the way I think is pretty, but not really practical, since the dates are so small and you can't write anything on the cards, it's more for quick glimpses and pretty decor. 



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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

First off, I want to thank all of you for your well wishes on our gender reveal on Sunday and in Monday's post! I was so happy to be able to share that special and exciting moment with all of you! As some of you may know, we were guessing that we were having a boy, so we both wore blue and so did most of our family, with the exception of about 4 (one of which was my mom) out of about 30 people. My mom knew it from the start and you know that little "mama to be" sash I was wearing?! She made sure to get it in pink because she wanted me to be on pink team, haha. Omg, did you see Eddie drop the cake? He was in total shock, as was I. We are thrilled that we're having a little girl and you know I look forward to all the outfits I'll be styling her in ;)


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