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Happy Monday, friends!

How was your weekend?! I hope you all enjoyed it, though it always comes and goes way too fast, right?! 

Today, I want to share a few tips on styling the hip area. As someone who is bottom curvy, I've learned what's worked and what hasn't and since my body is changing, I've noticed that certain features are becoming more exaggerated as a result. Now, I can either get frustrated and feel self-conscious about these changes or I can work around those areas by using specific styling strategies that will allow me to wear the pieces that still fit, I love, but that may not necessarily be the most flattering without some extra thought. I choose the latter and I encourage you do the same.


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Happy Friday, my friends!

Yesterday, Eddie and I had our 16wk check-up, these visits are always so exciting! At our last visit, we completely forgot to ask the technician doing the ultra sound to write the gender of the baby and place it in an envelope for our gender reveal party, which is on Feb.5th. So, we had them squeeze us in to do a little check and it's sooooo hard to resist the temptation of not tearing up that envelope to find out! My mom will be stopping by this weekend to pick up the envelope and bring it to a bakery for the cake. The filling will either be blue if it's a boy or pink if it's a girl and we're having everyone wear the color that they think it is! We're both guessing it's a boy based on the form of my stomach, but sometimes it has us second guessing. 


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Happy Wednesday, my beautiful friends

I want to preface by saying that when I took these photos, it was in high 50s, which is why I'm not bundled up a ton, though this would work on any other normal winter day under a coat. 

I LOVE cable knit sweaters, they're probably my favorite kind of sweater design. I like the added detail that's subtle, yet adds a little extra something to an otherwise simple piece. Plus, I'm learning that they're much more flattering on the midsection than other styles I own. I believe it's because of the linear design that draws the eye down, not across. That's a #ContourTheBump tip ;)


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