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Happy Tuesday, my beautiful friends!

I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the term "nude" shoe, right? If not, it's basically a term for a shoe that's similar or an exact match to your skin color. Throughout the years, you may have noticed that there was a particular shade(s) of shoes that was categorized as nude, the colors found in both the first and second sets you see below. 

However, that's not a fair or accurate representation of what's to be classified as a nude shoe because we all come in all sorts of delicious colors (haha) and so we should all be fairly represented! I believe brands have, with the time, realized this and we're starting to see the term associated with just those particular shades subside. Christian Louboutin understood this concept and expanded his "nude collection" to represent a more diverse spectrum earlier this year! Great job Mr. Louboutin; if you need someone to test out any shades for upcoming collections, you know how to reach me! 

With that, I've compiled a few of my personal favorite shoes in a selection of various styles for each category below! This is not to say that only those who fall into the categories are the only ones who can or should wear them, absolutely not! 

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Happy Monday, gorgeous girlies! 

I hope you had a great weekend, as always; I'd love to know about your plans in the comment's section! 

I've shared many tips on feeling confident in shorts, regardless of body shape, in previous posts, by sharing specific styles that are most flattering for certain shapes. Today, I'll be sharing a general styling tip that anyBODY can apply when styling printed shorts. 

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Happy Friday, beautiful friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and are a ready for the weekend! 

You may have realized in recent weeks that I'm having quite a moment with orange. There was a time when I kept reaching for pink, as we approached spring (remember that?!). Now, it seems as though I keep reverting back to orange and it's most likely do to the fact that it's a perfect summer color, both bright and fun!

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