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Hey Babes!

I actually wore this look on Sunday for a fun and relaxed day with family. I was going to be around children, so I wanted to be comfortable to move around, but also to feel the light breeze that was blowing through, which felt so good. I love when it's warm out and there's a cool breeze that passes by, it makes me feel as though I'm on a tropical island just for that moment in time and then of course reality sets in, lol!

Last week I was contacted by a company, Les Lunes, to feature some of their pieces on the blog. Before responding, I visited their website to determine if they'd be a good fit for you, me, and the blog. I get contacted by quite a few companies throughout the month and not all of them are reflective of my style, audience, and beliefs, which is why you don't see too many featured brand posts, except for when I'm covering an event.

I'm a firm believer of not only caring for our bodies by eating good, clean, nutritious foods (which you've learned through the body shape health & fitness series), but also wearing natural based fabrics, while also caring for the environment. Les Lunes is a label that's eco-friendly because it uses natural bamboo as the base fabric for all of their clothing, which includes lingerie and loungewear. What I did not know, prior to reading Les Lunes's website, was that bamboo is one of the most sustainable base materials to be used for clothing because they grow at a rapid rate and once the tree is cut, it continues to grow at that rapid rate (read more about the bamboo here). As Les Lunes's would put it, "Good for the body, good for the soul, good for the environment," which I'd agree!

Now that I briefly explained what is found in Les Lunes's materials, I want to explain their style. Based on not only their description on the website, but from what I've noticed, which corresponds to their description, is that they are inspired by French style, which has always been effortless, classy, minimalistic, and timeless. To some it up, Les Lunes appears to be a good start for building up some of your basics and essentials collection. Either in maxi skirts or camisoles, bras or boy-shorts, you'll be guaranteed to wear these classic pieces for years to come.

As a result, one can use their pieces on their own to create a look that's chic and clean or as a base to work with when creating a particular look, whether it be edgy or glam. In today's post, I decided to go for a relaxed vibe, but there are other pieces that you will see on the blog in the near future that I'll style with a more edgy undertone.

When it comes to their pricing, they are a bit more expensive than your typical storefront, but because I've not only read their site and understand the materials used, as well as the method in developing each piece (which very few companies openly share), I've also touched and worn some of their pieces, which can truly alter or develop a new perspective from what you've read and I'd say that my experience corresponds well with their descriptions. Based on what I've learned and felt, I feel that the pricing is on mark for the quality and practicality.

The fabrics glide over your body, fit within the natural contours, and feel incredibly luxurious; I couldn't stop telling Eddie to feel my skirt! The only thing I want to mention in addition, is that if you have cellulite or have some bulging that you don't want to reveal, make sure you wear a shaper underneath. Since it glides and molds to your body, which makes it ultra comfortable, it will also reveal some of those areas we may not necessarily want to expose, but again, there's nothing a shaper can't fix; they sell them at Target for around $20 ;)  

Speaking of Target, I paired these gorgeous teardrop earrings I purchased from there a few weeks ago. I fell in love with the color and pattern combination, it reminded me of a Mediterranean mosaic. To keep the grey color theme going, I wore silver bracelets on both arms and added a pop of summer color with these neon yellow sandals I purchased from Target last year. 



TANK: Marshall's

SKIRT: c/o Les Lunes their Joie de Vivre Maxi Skirt (here)

EARRINGS: Target (in store)

BRACELETS: (L) cameo c/o ShopLately (R) Bebe

SANDALS: Mossimo for Target



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