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Happy Hump Day, Ladies!

So I'm pretty sure you've all heard or have watched the show, Orange Is the New Black. I personally have never watched it, but I have noticed how it has sparked some talk within the fashion community recently. Is orange the new black? I'd say it is, at least for summer! I've been seeing many street chic ladies headed to the office wearing something orange and ya know, I think it goes with an array of colors, more than we may have thought. 

Depending on your personal style and boldness, you can wear it with bright colors, as I am here, such as: yellow, pink, purple, and turquoise or with more earth toned colors, such as: green, gold, brown, khaki, grey, and of :) If you're not one who's into color blocking when it comes to clothing, you can always opt for a color blocked shoe, like the ones I'm wearing, to do it all for you. 

Since orange is a bright color, I'd advise you to wear it an area that is flattering to your figure, as well as an area that you're most confident about. After all, people will be looking, since it's such a bright color, so you want to make sure it's in an area that you don't mind them looking, makes sense?

My look is a perfect example for all you pear shapes. I chose to wear an orange blazer, which would still achieve the same look if you'd substitute it with an orange cardigan. I wore a khaki colored skirt, which is pretty basic, but that wow factor is where I want it to balance me out, up top! Is this to say that you can't wear orange pants? No, absolutely not! However, there would be more styling factors to come into play to pull it off and achieve a nice clean silhouette. 

So what do you think of this new orange trend? I mean, it's everywhere, not just fashion! There is also an orange lip trend in the beauty and makeup world, too! How do you wear orange? Share below! 



BLAZER: Charlotte Russe

TEE: Cynthia Rowley (Marshall's)


NECKLACE: New York & Company


SHOES: Nine West's Flamingo shoe (outlet store)



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