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Hello Girlies!

This past Saturday, Eddie and I paid a visit to one of our favorite restaurants in Westchester County, Mulino's. Every time we dine at this restaurant, we feel like a million bucks, because we're treated like a million bucks and so is every guest. Not only do they give you the bread and butter for the table, as do most Italian restaurants, to start, but they also present you with complimentary aged parmesan cheese (OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!), dried sausage (which I generally don't eat, since I try to stay away from pork), and sautéed green beans! 

Being the foodies that Eddie and I are, we of course needed to order not one, but two additional appetizers to the complimentary starters, yea I know...but it's only once a week and this is usually our cheat day :) So Eddie decided to order the Carpaccio di Manzo as one of the appetizers and when it arrived we both just looked at it and I said, "babe, it's not cooked!" For those of you who don't know what Carpaccio means in Italian, it means raw meat, lol! Of course we didn't know that before, but perhaps we'll spare you any embarrassment on your date ;) So we of course asked for it to be taken back and ordered a new appetizer, the Gamberi al Salemarino, which is jumbo shrimp pan-fried with trapanese sea salt and lemon, so delish! In addition to that, we also ordered a special for the night, which was king crab legs, one of my favorite sea food delights!


As for the entrées, I had the Pollo con Coda d'Arrogosta Aurora, which translates to a chicken breast stuffed with lobster tails. It had a delicious sauce comprised of brandy, cream, and mushrooms. 


Eddie had their Pescatore all Veneziana, which a dish comprised of lobster tails, jumbo shrimp, claims, calamari, and scungelli in a vodka sauce, instead of the original sauce it's made with, a light tomato. We believe that any and every pasta dish, especially with seafood, tastes better with vodka sauce. We've never been to a restaurant that hasn't been happy to supplement it instead of the original, nor has charged extra for the switch, so I suggest you give it a try with your next dish at an Italian restaurant ;)


Finally, for dessert we ordered their famous homemade Italian cheesecake. I swear, every time we dine here, Eddie never orders anything other than this and I didn't want to order my own dessert, since I was pretty full from dinner, so we shared. 



Since it's officially summer, I had to start off the first date night of the season with a summer like dress. You've seen this dress on the blog before, when I wore it to one of Eddie's former co-worker's wedding last year. I did style it differently here, however, pairing it with black shoes and statement clutch... opposed to the hot pink shoes and clutch I wore to the wedding. In both looks I didn't wear a necklace because I felt it would distract from the natural neckline. 


This dress is one of those dresses that I feel work well on every shape because it has all the right details in all the right places. 


The knotted detail is located in a universally flattering area, near the collarbone. The draping around the bust and hips in a sideways v starting from the left, gives the illusion of curves to those who may not have them, as in the rectangular shape's case, or enhances them for those who do.



DRESS: New York & Company (old)

EARRINGS: Charming Charlie

BRACELET: Little Switzerland (Aruba)

SHOES: Nine West 

CLUTCH: Marshall's 



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