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Happy Wednesday!

...and on Wednesdays we wear orange! Yes, orange! I haven't heard many express their love for this color and I can somewhat understand why. I wouldn't necessarily say it's my favorite, but I do love to wear it in the summer. It's fun, energetic and vibrant. It doesn't get much summer than that! This is a time to step outside of our style comfort zones because it's a season that's more relaxed and whimsical, so fashion isn't taken too seriously. So why don't a lot of people wear? is the question I ask. It's a color I personally believe looks great on everyone, especially during the summer months when we're more bronzed and really packing on the highlight. Perhaps all it takes is finding the right shade because as with any other color, it has a spectrum and with color spectrums comes undertones. If you have warmer (golden) or neutral undertones, I suggest shades that lean more towards red, like the shade I'm wearing. If you have cool or neutral undertones, I'd suggest a true orange shade, as it looks great when partnered with blue and blue has and compliments cool undertones. They eye loves color and therefore pics up on these subtle combinations creating a beautiful pairing. Amazing, right?!

 Do you own any orange pieces? What's one color you don't typically gravitate towards? I challenge you to try and wear it before summer is over :)




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