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Happy Thursday, dear friends!

At the start of spring, do you ever find it challenging to make your skin look healthy, glowing and well...not dull? I know I have! The thought of putting on a pair of shorts or skirt and exposing my extremely pale and dull legs that have been hibernating all season long, once made me want to hold on to my skinny jeans that much more longer! What if I told you that there's one color that would be sure to make your skin tone, whatever it may be, pop and give you that instant glow with little to no effort at all? Well, that color my, dear friends, is coral! This universally flattering color can be worn in so many different ways, from makeup to clothing and/or accessories. To brighten the face, wear a coral lipstick, blush and/or top; the closer to the face, the more it will appear more luminescent and healthy. If you want those fab legs of yours to give J.Lo a run for her money, opt for a coral dress, skirt, shorts or heels

Who knew crushing on coral was that instantaneous?! I highly doubt that this styling technique will be a spring fling. After seeing a difference, you'll most likely keep this secret in your beauty and style arsenal for years to come ;) 

As always, I hope you found this post helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear and beautiful friends; I hope to see you back here for tomorrow's post! 



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