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Happy Monday friends,

I can't believe it's already the last week of June. Time is going so fast! Ariah turned one last Thursday and this Thursday Aviah will turn 3! I'm always amazed by how many similarities surround their birth. When Aviah was born, Eddie and I frequently discussed having another baby close in age to her. I was the one who kept on saying that I want them exactly two years apart and would you know they are just one week shy of that.! I get a kick out of the fact that for one week, they're one year apart! The timing of their births are both 9pm, they weighed the same and was only an inch apart in length. Not to mention the spelling of their names, which I did not plan. All of this is crazy, right?! Talk about fate! 

Given the circumstances, we've decided to do a virtual zoom party this upcoming Sunday to celebrate both birthdays, since we still can't have everyone over to celebrate in person. Thankfully they're still very young to not realize the significance of having everyone physically there. Needless to say, I'm still going all out with decorations! Aviah's theme is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (a cute cartoon spin off Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood) and Ariah's is a donut theme, with the Donut Grow Up slogan. Eddie and I have agreed that they will always have their own cakes and choose individual themes to prevent resentment and that both can feel individually celebrated.

I'll try and share some photos and clips from the day on IG Stories, so be sure to follow me on Instagram, if you aren't already! 

As you can imagine, with the girls being so close in age, it has really left me with my hands full. It was much harder in the beginning because though they're close in age, the developmental milestones and attention needed are different, yet both very demanding. I had a hard time balancing new life as a mom of 2 and blogging, amongst every other aspect of my life. Now that the gap is narrowing in, I'm finding there to be a shift and things are gradually getting easier. I'm hoping I can be more consistent with blogging again because I really miss connecting on a regular basis with all of you. 

In addition to the life adjustment, there's been so much going on globally and nationally with the obvious Covid-19 and shortly after returning to the blogisphere George Floyd was unlawfully handled and murdered during his arrest last month, which sparked protests and conversations that needed to happen. It was the time to educate and learn about racial injustice and I didn't feel it to be appropriate to continue blogging and drawing attention away from what needed to be highlighted. So, though I had a couple pre-scheduled posts, I wasn't really active. 

All in all, I miss you. Every one of you. I hope you're all off to a great start to your week and I look forward to chatting in the comments and in Wednesday's blog post!


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