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Hey Babes!

I was in the mood for wearing an all white outfit, which can pose a challenge to us non hourglass or rectangular shaped ladies, since we have to consider balancing out our portions, when in this case, our entire shape is being highlighted. Remember in my video, How to Wear Black and White for Your Body Shape, I mentioned that white reflects light and can make us appear larger, while black holds the opposite effect, drawing light away from an area, making it appear slimmer? So when styling a complete white look, we want to make sure we're using either pops of color and/or texture in the areas where we are smallest to balance out the fullest parts of our bodies. 

For all of you pear shapes, like myself, I'd suggest wearing a top that has some volume, such as this semi-cropped top I'm wearing. I've gotten e-mails and comments from some of my younger followers, in their teens, saying that their parents don't allow them to wear cropped tops because it exposes the stomach area. I've suggested trying on those tops with high rise or high waisted bottoms, so the stomach is not exposed and this should gain mom and dad's approval ;)

When I first laid eyes on this top at H&M, I had to have it! Why? Well, why not? Look how cute it is! Plus, I'm a big fan of J'adore by Dior, which I've been wearing for many years. This is also a great opportunity to share my video, How to Choose and Apply Perfume. This video is about a year old, but I of course have newer followers that have not yet watched it. In the video, I explain some very important and interesting facts when it comes to selecting perfumes, since not all smells are right for everyone! Now back to the look...

For all you apple shapes, you can select a white top that has draping, which has a bit of a slimming effect, since it distracts the eye. The draping should be around the neckline down towards the bust. If you can find a top that has this and side ruching along the stomach, it would be a top made just for you! 

You rectangular and hourglass shapes can wear a complete white look that has absolutely no color, since each part of your body is balanced. So a plain white tee, white pants, and perhaps taupe or black shoes would be a great pairing option. 




PANTS: Fire Los Angeles (Marshall's)

EARRINGS: old (don't remember)

BRACELET: Little Switzerland (Aruba)

SHOES: Steve Madden Stretche shoes from Marshall's (HERE)



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