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Happy Hump Day, Babes!

For this week's work look, I decided to create a colorful pairing, demonstrating how the use of many colors for the office, doesn't necessarily have to be so overwhelming. Remember in my video two weeks ago, "Styling 101: Working With Multicolored Pieces", I mentioned how it's super easy to work with pieces that offer many colors because it gives you a variety of choices, depending on when you'd be wearing it, either day or night? Well, the same rule applies to which colors you want to stand out the most in your look.

As you'll notice, the skirt I'm wearing has quite a few colors: yellow, green, purple, pink, and blue. Some are more "in your face", while others are a bit more subtle, which is mainly the blue. Because it's less noticeable, I wanted to pull it out and make it pop, which is why I chose to pair it with a blue cardigan.

Below is a comparison, with an outfit I created using the same skirt over a year ago, for you to see the difference between the use of a solid colored cardigan or top in one of the colors found within the skirt and how it draws out that particular color. I did not alter the photos, I know the photo on the left appears a bit brighter, but that's because it was taken on a really sunny fall day. But you'll still notice how the pinks tend to pop out more, whereas in the photo on the right, the blue pops out more.

Once you've selected the color you want to pop, you then want to select a solid colored item to wear on the opposite end of where the multicolored piece will be worn. So if it's a printed blouse, then you may opt for a solid colored pant. This not only adds some vibrance to your look, but it helps tone it down a bit too, making it appropriate or suitable for the office. 

This is not to say that you cannot pattern mix at work, I will create an outfit idea in the future, giving you some ideas on how to do that, but it's a bit challenging to do, especially for the office, because if it's not done correctly, it can look overwhelming or as if you've been swallowed by a mass of print, which of course you don't want! 



CARDIGAN: Express (they have the BEST cardigans! Almost all the ones I own are from there!)

WHITE TEE: Cynthia Rowley (Marshall's)- Super comfy and stretchy as well!

SKIRT: New York & Company (old)

NECKLACE: New York & Company 

BRACELETS: SILVER (Express) WHITE (Little Switzerland in Aruba)

SHOES: BcbGeneration (Marshall's)

LIPSTICK: Milani's Fuchsia #8 lip liner and Lancôme's Rouge in Love color #340 lipstick



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